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8 años más tarde...


I am in Spain! After arriving yesterday (around 3am U.S Eastern Time) I met Maria Laura, who is la novia de mi primo Marcos. Together we drove through some areas of Madrid while we waited for Marcos to finish classes (de fisioterapia/neurologia). She briefly showed me the Real Madrid Stadium (Estadio Santiago Bernabeu) and we drove around el centro...


Around 2pm here (7am in the U.S...and I still hadn't slept), we finally picked up mi primo Marcos!!!! I hadn't seen him in 8 years. The last memories I had of Marcos were in Brasil in 2002 when we watched Brasil win the World Cup...;) VIVAAAAA What can I say about Marcos? He's still the same as I remembered...only now he thinks and acts como un hombre Español y le gusta decir "jooooder"!

Bueno - After lunch Maria Laura drove us to a town called Talavera de la Reina where they live... The first 30 seconds in the car I closed my eyes and about 1.5 hours later, we were home... (At this point, Sunday around 4pm, I still had not slept in a bed since Thursday night!) So what does a Spaniard do on a Sunday afternoon after el almuerzo? SIESTA, por supuesto. I am still getting used to a different schedule, but so far it's been easy...

Dinner was at 11pm. While Marcos sliced el jamón iberico (from a whole pig's leg), Maria Laura prepared toasted bread with tomato and olive oil. Para acompañar la cena, I tried a dark Spanish beer called Cruz Campo Gran Reserva...


This morning was truly the beginning of a new chapter of my life. While yesterday was so easy to just follow mis primos around...today I was on my own. I left Marcos' apartment and headed to the center of the city to explore. After a few minutes of walking in the wrong direction, asking people for directions, I realized I had forgotten the cell phone he gave me back at the apartment. Great! So I walked back.... and I was a little scared of using the elevator in his building, so I took the 7 flights of stairs to go back up.... oh man... one month of walking and going up and down the stairs better put me in shape!!!! hahaha As I get to his door, I quickly learned I had no clue how to open his door...ay ay ay. So I knocked on the neighbor's door... "soy la prima del vecino, no puedo abrir la puerta"...y VALE... this little lady in her 80s comes out laughing and shows me how to do it...

Now I am heading out again, and the phone I just picked up starts to ring. Marcos is calling me. He saw me crossing the street and we met up for a few minutes. He now showed me the way to the Basilica del Prado, and that's where I went.


Despues de salir de la Basilicia, I just kept walking and getting lost....but I found my way around soon and randomly ran into the Plaza de Toros, un convento (from the 1200s), y la Iglesia Colegial... In these 3 hours I walked around Talavera and I chatted with a few viejitos who had no problem in giving me directions while we walked together...


Since I had the keys to the apartment, I had to meet Marcos back here at 3pm for lunch...On my way here, I stopped at a grocery store and was amazed with the prices.... A bottle of water was 20 cents...a mini baguette 39 cents... a few mortadella slices with olives for 1 Euro...WOW!! LIFE IS GOOD ;)

I am now sitting outside in his patio while he's cooking lentejas...y vamos a tomar un vino...

Bueno, that's all for now... I don't have any plans yet for after la siesta. ;) Hasta luego...VALE

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Oi Mari,
Na verdade eu soh havia visto as fotos, vc postou o texto depois, adorei,vc descreveu tao bem que eu ia lendo e me sentindo viajando com voce,achei um barato a vizinha te ajudar a abrir a porta da casa do Marcos, ainda bem que vc fala bem espanhol, imagine se uma pessoa idosa saberia falar em Ingles...e que bom que vc pos uma foto sua, matei a saudade.A proposito, ande com o endereco do Marcos, ou decore-o para o caso de vc se perder....estou toda hora vendo se tem mais coisa para eu ler e ver hehehehe.

by zile

Ahhh! I want to be there! Looking at these pictures reminds me of when I traveled to Italy! The beauty,the delicious food, and the fun people. Can't wait to hear more..

by Christi

Holla Mari, espero que esta todo bien contigo.
Espero que disfruten el viaje, asi como de la mejor manera posible, voy seguir su 'blog' y disfrutar de su aventura lejos del viejo mundo.
Y tambien a practicar un poco de espanõl me entero através de internet.Vale.
Beso grande para ti.
Hasta pronto.

by Celia Regina

LOVED IT!! Those pics of your cousin cutting the ham and the description of the food, beer, and wine is making my mouth water. You KNOW that is my way of life. =) Seems like you are adjusting quite well. Keep blogging and posting pics - we love following your adventures.

by Tracie Talbert

Beautiful pictures sis :)

I'm jealous, glad you're having fun there.

by Casey

Mariiiiiiii que cool!!!! Espero que la estes pasando super rico! Miss u! Quiero estar alla contigo! I LOVE SPAIN!!! Me encanta todo lo que has escrito! Y las fotos estan super buenas! Bueno te quiero mucho, hablamos pronto vale? jajaja

Un beso,


by Jessy

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